Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Check this out guys! (perempuan only)

     Hey, can I start to use English from now on? Wahaha, love you guys! Ok, now for the topic, I didn't really care if men wants to read this entry. Well, this entry isn't so PRIVATE because today I want to talk about SHOES! Believe me, it is shoes that I want to talk for! Not men's shoes, it is for GIRLSSSSSSSSS!!!

     Well, if you guys (men) wants to buy this for your girl or maybe your fiance or your LOVELY wife or for your daughter it is okay then! Wahaha, but girls, you have to trust me, this shoes is really MODERN and you know what, this is for the FIRST TIME that I ever be in love with shoes! Well, before this, what I think is those shoes is so ORDINARY!!! 
I know I'm a sadistic type... So, don't tell me that okay -_- 

     Okay, this is the shoe that makes me CRAZY! Take a look at this picture;

     The name is I don't know. Well, this is some kind of sneakers+high heels but more to the sneakers. Well, I got this picture from one blogger. She's from Berlin and now lives in London. If you're interested to go to her blog, PRESS HERE!!! And, if you're interested in buying these shoes, PRESS HERE!!! 
thisisaconfession: Actually, I don't know if there are some more websites that sells this item... and you know what, I am a really PEMALAS type so, my research is not to deep! Hehe = > *cute face*
     Ok, that's all for now. See you.. Tata titi tutu tete toto!