Monday, June 11, 2012

Miss them!

     Assalamualaikum! Hi! Hola! Howdi! Konbanwa! Selamat Petang! Good Evening! Apa lagi? Haha. Ok, so today my BIG issue is that I miss them sooooo much! Huhu, who is THEM actually? Huahuahua! No, no and no! Haha, well, take a look at these pictures and you'll know it...

This is a male cat

Actually it is cute but now she's in her ANGRY mood!

     Ok, well, the first picture is Simba. Huhu, miss him so much! Well, why? It is because, it died last year. My family and I suspected that the dogs eat him! Waaaaaaaa! Horrid dgos! Simba is a male cat that always think he's a female (true story)! When it walks, it always do the catwalk just like the female cat always does! And, his meowing sound is totally a MANJA and FEMALE sound! I don't know why he's like that while all his siblings are normal! Next time I will kenalkan all of you with Simba's siblings ang mom and aunty! Wahaha!

     The second picture is Didi. Didi is a  female cat kitten. Didi's characteristic is terbalik from Simba! But Didi is still adorable... But only when it is not in her GARANG mood! Wuuuuuuu, how I miss Didi so much! Didi's tragedy is that it disappeared on one night and tomorrow morning when I give food to all other cats breakfast (wow! Cats having breakfasts), I found out that Didi's not here! Wuwuwuwuwu, I tried to find it but until now, still no signs of Didi. I thought that maybe the dogs that had eaten Simba eats Didi too! But, it is not good to think badly about people dogs. 

     Ok, I don't want too talk any longer. Tata, titi, tutu, tete, toto! Bye.
thisisaconfession: Wuuuuu, miss them so much!

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