Saturday, June 16, 2012


     Hey! I've change my Chrome's theme! From default to Naruto!!! See this picture...

     I bet you all already know how to change it. But if you don't know i'll teach you!

1) Must have Google Chrome! 
Well, if you don't have Chrome, how you want to change the theme? If you don't have Chrome, you can download HERE!

2) Done downloading? Follow the instructions I give... NEVER, NEVER miss a step!

3) Click New Tab.

4) Ok, dah buka? Now, click the spanner that is located at the end of address place. 

5)Click Settings.

6) After you click Settings, it would be like this.

7) Find Appearence and click Get Themes.

8) Done? Ok, now just select the lovely background of yours and do like what I show ok? Good girl ^_^


9) Hover it and it would be like this.

10) Click Choose Theme.

11) After that, just you wait until it finish install the theme you just choose and after that, YOU HAVE A  NEW GOOGLE CHROME BACKGROUND! Enjoy ^_^

If you think the steps is too complicated, click THIS!!! and just follow the instructions given starting from number 8.

     Easy peasy like a pea isn't it? Ok, bye you all! Muahhahahaha.

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