Saturday, June 16, 2012

Freshman Father

     Just watch Freshman Father on TV 2. Touching you knozzzz! Well, this is about a young father who is still studying in Harvard University raising his baby son, Adam after his SELFISH wife go away because she thinks she is not a great mother. Seriously, i HATE the wife! 

This is the synopsis of Freshman Father;

     One student is about to get a crash course in Parenting 101. When a college freshman discovers his girlfriend is pregnant, he must learn to juggle his homework and daddy duty or face losing his scholarship and his future in "Freshman Father," a story about a young man who is about to discover he has a lot more to worry about than just the 'freshman fifteen'.

     Prom king and queen John Patton and Kathy Blair are the perfect small-town couple. They have everything they've ever wanted - including John's full ride to Harvard University. But that all comes crashing down when Kathy gets pregnant the summer before their freshman year. Deciding to keep the baby, the couple gets married and moves to Cambridge, MA so John can pursue his dream and keep his scholarship at the Ivy League school. 

     However, John soon finds out that having a family while trying to ace math is harder than it seems, and he becomes overwhelmed. After failing calculus the first semester, John decides to take it again, against the advice of icy Dean Frost, who seems convinced that John is setting himself up for failure. Then, unhappy Kathy leaves Cambridge and her family behind after baby Adam is born. John loses his married student housing, and almost loses his mind, until he finds eccentric-but-motherly psychic, Dorothy , who has a room to rent and plenty of advice to offer. Dorothy believes John is a hero, but it is up to John to take care of his son alone, and prove to Dean Frost he belongs in the Harvard halls, or risk losing his scholarship and, worst of all, flunking fatherhood. 
     The hero of the movie is Drew Seeley who act as the Freshman or John.

I'm the Freshman!

My name is Dorothy

     I think the synopsys is not really amazing but I think you should watch that movie. To watch, click HERE!!! Ok, bye. Love you all!

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