Friday, June 15, 2012

Twinsy winsy

     Hola. Wohoho. Today, the title is about twins. I bet you all know that every single people in the world have 7 twins! Okay, before i start, i want to say that although the title is not so menarik, just read it because this entry is not boring as the title : )

      Well, have you ever been in crush for someone? You, you and you! Just three of you. Hmmmm, okay, i don't care. Haha, if you have, does he or she already taken?
     Example: You adore Yuna or Zayn Malik or Maher Zain or other personalities, and he or she already has someone else in their heart.
     But, that isn't the actual thing i want to talk about. It is about twins. If not, why would i put Twinsy winsy as title (a boring title).

     Here is the thing:  It doesn't care if him or her and he/she is already taken because..... If you really loves him/her, just find his/her twin! Brilliant right? Hahaha, i know...
     Example: If you adore Nicole Ginger and you would like to take her as your wife, just find her twin and you can marry her! The same situation goes to everyone who would like to have him/her as your husband/wife, just find their twin! ^_^
     The last thing i want to write is whenever you cannot find him/her twin whether they are dead or all married or you don't have enough cost to go find him/her twin, don't sue me. I would not be responsible for all what you've done alright? Ok, deal. Haha, Ok, bye!
ehem-ehem: Nicole Ginger is my nickname to Nicole Scherzinger. The name 'Scherzinger' is so hard to write, so Ginger is a VERY EFFICIENT word! The same goes to Arnold Vinegar!

Nicole Ginger

 Arnold Vinegar

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